Step Into a New Style a wonderful,classy and fun establishment that guides men and women to learn how to build a stylish, chic, sophisticated wardrobe that will work with their life style.

As a former fashion stylist who has worked at major high end luxury brand fashion houses, as well as having dressed a variety of “ A” list celebrity and VIP clientele in the greater NYC area,Taylor Elizabeth Owens has developed a strong fashion sense, and a impeccable sense of style in her own right. Taylor's keen eye for the lastest trends along with her deep knowledge of classic styles has helped all of her clients develop there own unique image.

Step Into a New Style offers men and women a effortless way to mix and match both high end pieces with low end pieces to provide a more refined look at half the cost. We will even bring the clothes to you so that you can try on in the comfort of your home. Wow! What a fantastic way to save time and money!

" Taylor feels that clothing and accessories should make one feel free. It's essential to wear clothes that brings forth your individuality and personality...for you are you after all."

We also provide great services for Mothers. Please contact us for more details.

The establishment services are:

  • Apparel, Accessories & Beauty Consultation

  • Virtual Styling Consultation

  • Closet Editing

  • Personal Shopping & Personal Shopping w/out client

  • Gift Shopping

  • Fashion Tours

  • Executive Men's  Wardrobe Consultant & Made-To-Measure Specialist

We have a wonderful policy "Try before you buy"

Step Into A New Style

 By Taylor E O

Taylor Elizabeth Owens 


...was born and  raised in Long Island NY. As a person of  African American and Israeli descent Taylor's  diverse heritage has helped shape her unique personality and fashion sense. With an eye for fashion as a young girl, Taylor was always two steps ahead of the current trends. Following her passion she eventually moved into NYC and studied at Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Fashion Buying and Merchandising.

Taylor recently graduated from Fordham University with a Bachelors degree in Communications with a concentration in journalism and visual arts (something Taylor feels perfectly compliments her knowledge of fashion)

With a career in fashion that now spans 15 years, Taylor has been a stylist for many major high end fashion houses such as Bergdorf Goodman/Max Mara/Fivestory/Givenchy. She has also assisted and helped a variety of “A” list celebritys/VIP clients such as: Sarah Jessica Parker, CNN's  Alina Cho, Sade Baderinwa, Heather Locklear, Goldie Hawn, Vivica Fox, political figures Tipper Gore, Maria Shriver and many, many more!

Taylor's main objective is to help her clients have a better  understanding of how to create many different wardrobe looks that will be both transitional and also reflect one's own unique personality. 
Why spend time with sales associates in   department stores who are pressured to meet quotas and who are often rushed, when Step into A New Style can provide you with personalized attention, honest feedback without the pressure to purchase something?  In the long run Taylor will save you both time and money and make you look your very best!